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Hi there! I'm Jen, the founder of Deep Dive Nutrition. Deep Dive Nutrition's mission is to provide tailored nutrition therapy and change lives with nutrition science. My professional journey includes a four-year bachelor's degree in nutrition science, a comprehensive dietetic internship with supervised practice, passing a state board exam, and hands-on experience solving challenging nutrition problems.

With nearly a decade of experience as a Clinical Dietitian and a Nutrition Support Clinician in hospital and intensive care settings, I've delved deep into the intricate relationships between nutrition, the human body, and effective management of various chronic conditions. I have seen first hand the vital role nutrition plays in healthcare and wellness.

Thus, Deep Dive Nutrition's mission evolved to working directly with clients who aspire to change their lives with nutrition,  and empowering them to reach lifestyle goals to stay healthy. My ultimate aim is to guide clients towards sustained health, happiness, and a life free from hospital stays.

When I am not reading up on the latest nutrition science, I enjoy scuba diving, cooking, traveling, and spending time with pets and family.

Contact us today to start your dive into a healthier you!

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